Thursday 17 January 2013

On The Pond

Hello again,

I'm just popping in to share some excitement with you. Something I've been holding in my vault for ages. It's been hard, but now I get to finally say...



Picture sourced shamelessly pilfered from the Spotlight Blog:

It's an absolutely gorgeous new fabric range from my friend Sarah Fielke http://www.thelastpiece.typepad.com/.  

She's super clever at this sort of thing, and if you've not seen her books, fabric ranges or patterns, my only response is...
Why Not!!  Get on it!!   Right Now!

Back to the fabric.  The colours are stunning.  The feature prints are exceptional (I may have done a couple of embroideries of them) and the blenders will be used for as long as you can keep getting the range.  I particularly love the Rainbow Eggs (far left).
(hereto and before referred to as #rainbowfrogspawn).

Photo-2  Photo-1

There's a great pattern in the new Spotlight Get Creative Magazine and Sarah has a new book coming out this year as well.  So if you're looking for inspiration you won't be caught short.

Sarah has spent the last year slothing around the globe travelling and teaching, had some sick days, made quilts to a deadline for the book, created pieces for magazines and filmed classes for Craftsy.  Check out her blog for more on all of that.

I really hope she buckles down and does something constructive this year. 0.0

In the meantime, start saving your pennies and stalking your local store, the fabric is due in store on January 30.

See you soon,


As an addendum to this post:  This fabric is now present in some Stores!  Early Bonus!!!


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  1. Very pretty. My favourite would be the B & W Eggs.Go nicely with my B & W text prints.