Sunday, 6 October 2013



Since life is life and we are none of us perfect, there is an update to the originally listed fabric requirements for this gorgeous quilt.

Let's just call it an opportunity... to go buy more of this splendiferousness!!


Did you know I love fabric? I like the feel, the colour, the subtle movement. I can, and do, pat it. Be honest - you do too.
If you don't, why are you here again?  ;-)

Because I have the best friends in the world, IRL and Interwebmaginary, I get to see and play with things in secret.

This Friday you will get to play with something as well.  For a while now I've been fiddling about with some lovely fat quarters of Sarah Fielke's new range for Spotlight called Millefiori.  The range is available in Spotlight stores across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore now.


I've been getting a bit of a head start on the pattern as well, just checking and reading stuff, because I do that a bit for designing people sometimes.  They have other stuff to occupy their brains you know - much more interesting and colourful stuff than maths!!

I've stolen one of Sarah's instagram shots for you to get a sneak peak...

And here are a couple from my work room... 

Don't mind the cat, I found a little set of felines that fitted in beautifully with Mille and asked if they could play as well. Sometimes that's just how it is. 

So, pop into Spottie, grab some Mille and set yourself up for a gorgeous Mystery Quilt. 

Overseas customers can only order it direct from Sarah. But she's a good chic and she's always happy to fill your orders, so if you're not in one of the three countries listed (Australia, New Zealand and Singapore), then hop on over to her online shop http://www.thelastpiece.net/ and she'll fix you right up.

Have fun! 

B. x 

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